Jeff Skeen Information and Bio:

Jeff Skeen

CEO and Principal, Results Redefined

Jeff Skeen is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Results Redefined, an organization dedicated to integrating the fitness and healthcare industries in order to lower healthcare costs and make healthcare affordable.


For more than 26 years in the fitness industry, Mr. Skeen has been intimately involved in equity and debt

transactions exceeding $500 million, which provided each investor group with a minimum IRR of 25%.


During his career, Mr. Skeen was responsible for designing one of the first Windows-based health club management systems in the U.S., which was used during his tenure at Gold’s Gym International as the operating platform.


Mr. Skeen served as President, CEO, and Principal of Fitness Connection, where he was responsible for the overall performance of the company, as well as determining its strategic direction. Fitness Connection is a low-price, high-value chain operating in North Carolina, Texas and Nevada and is one of the top 20 chains in the U.S.

Prior to forming Fitness Connection, he was CEO and Principal of Titan Management Solutions (TMS). While at TMS, Mr. Skeen worked with Gold’s Gym franchisees in opening and operating fitness clubs throughout the U.S. Sometime before TMS, Mr. Skeen had worked as the CFO, CIO, and Principal of one of the largest and most respected health club chains in the world, Gold’s Gym International (GGI).


Before handling the said positions at GGI, Mr. Skeen was a principal and an operator of the G Group, an organization that focused on owning and operating Gold’s Gym franchise locations in four markets in the greater DC metro area. By 1998, the G Group was recognized as the largest and most profitable Gold’s Gym franchisee worldwide.


Mr. Skeen received a BS degree in Finance from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

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